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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered?
  • Trip cancellation or interruption: unforeseen events such as documented illness or involuntary termination of employment
  • Vacation rental: unexpected problems like foreclosure, denial of entry, and inadvertent double bookings
  • Transportation: delayed flight, car accident, lost baggage, and more
  • Medical and dental: emergency care and evacuation anywhere in the world
  • Phone assistance: available 24/7 and toll-free
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How much does it cost?
  • The cost varies by trip. Fill out the form on this page for a free, no obligation quote.

Why should I purchase it?
  • It’s your vacation! Travel with some peace of mind.
  • Cancellations, delays, and emergencies happen. Simply call our 24/7 phone number for help.
  • Protect your money invested in your vacation.

Who is Aon?
  • Aon is a leading broker of insurance products and is the parent company of Aon Affinity, who administers this plan for FlipKey and TripAdvisor.

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